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This is a non-partisan, unbiased, public service website aimed at helping York Region Voters find a one-stop resource to get information on ridings, candidates and Party platforms.

We started the site for the 2010 municipal election, carried on for the 2010 federal election and now hope to help you weary voters come out and exercise your right as a voter for provincial election 2011.

We give every candidate the opportunity to list their issues, post events and try and communicate the reasons they want to earn your trust and your vote.

Political affiliation is NOT an issue.  Civic engagement is the goal. Higher voter turnout should be the result.

We will do our best to keep the site up-to-date and to help you find your candidate selection, know where to vote and to make it an informed vote.

In the next 32 days, you will have a chance to decide what kind of government you want, what issues you want to see become priority matters for the next provincial government and who will represent you at Queen’s Park.


 Election Day Thursday,October 6, 2011


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If Hudak-McGuinty both fighting gas generation plants why no attention to Holland Marsh peaker?  Maybe because Green Party not in TV debate?

That’s now a political question.

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Politics may be best unscripted,
but voters don’t often get to see
the real